State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania

2016 MAFVC

2016 Cherry Rootstocks Update
Attract-And-Kill For Brown Marmorated
Bacterial Spot Management In Stone Fruit
Certis Integrated Solutions For Pome Fruit Diseases
Clean Planting Material
Discuss The Undiscussabull
Flower Power – Pollen Tube Growth and its Management
Getting to the Root Of the Tree
Harvista Trials in Pennsylvania
Impact Of Water Quality
Key Peach Pest Presence And Monitoring Period
Managing BMSB As Part Of The Total Insect Pest Management System
Managing Nematodes In Tree Fruit Orchards
Mating Disruption: Then, Now And The Future
Microbiology Of An Orchard Soil
Mid-Atlantic Grower Experiences With Honeycrisp-Grower Honeycrisp Panel
Nectarine Varieties – 50 Years Of Experiences In The East
New Opportunities In Apple Production
PAMP_2015_Year In Review
Peach And Nectarine Fruit Ripening, Mealiness And Internal Breakdown
Peach Genetics And Breeding For The Future
Performance Of Fire Blight-Resistant Pears
Rootstock Scion Combination Observations
Rootstocks & Site Preparation For Honeycrisp
Solid Set Systems As A Novel Method Of Delivering Chemical Inputs In Apples
The Challenges Of Honeycrisp Storage: A Packers Perspective
The Continuing Quest For Optimal Harvest Management & Storage Of Apples
The Role Of Light And Managing Light For Peach Production
The Young Grower Alliance And Precision Management Innovations
Three Years Of Storage Research On Pennsylvania Honeycrisp—Implications For Growers And Packers
Top Tips For Pesticide Applicators
TopTips For Applicators With Audio
Trends And Opportunities In The Peach Industry
U.S. Apple Association – The Nation Voice Of America’s Favorite Fruit
Understanding The New WPS
What Affects The Tree’s Photosynthesis Factory
What Caused That Apple Leaf Spot