State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania

2015 MAFVC

2015 Mid Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Presentations

Day 1
Improving Branching of Apple Trees, Win Cowgill
The “MaluSim” Apple Carbohydrate Model and Its Use for Improving Consistency of Chemical Thinning, Alan Lakso
Automating Pruning, Peter Hirst
Pruning by the Numbers, Jim Schupp
Pruning by the Numbers, Jim Schupp Preliminary Economic Evaluation of Autonomous Pruners, Jay Harper
Apple and Wine-grape Growers’ Perspectives on Automated Pruning, Leland Glenna
Apple and Wine-grape Growers’ Perspectives on Automated Pruning, Leland Glenna From Loppers to Lasers, Noha Elfiky and Tony Koselka
Day 2
How to Take Advantage of NEWA Weather and Pest Models, Juliet Carroll
Apple Tree Water Use in Northeastern Climates and an Online Water Balance System, Alan Lakso
SHAP Research Committee, Phil Baugher
Importance of grower funded Research for the Prosperity of the industry, Gary Thompson
Silver Creek Orchards – Gravity Irrigation, John Sanders
Sky Dancers for Bird Control, Nathan Milburn
An Economical Platform-based Harvest Assist Device, Paul Heinemann
Apple Flower Development – Busting the Myths, Peter Hirst
How the U.S. Apple Association Works with the Mid-Atlantic Tree Fruit Industry, Jim Bair
Pennsylvania apple marketing program 2014 Year in review, Julie Bancroft
Revisiting management options for CM and OFM, Greg Krawczyk
Peach Rootstock Trials, Jim Schupp
Recent Trends in Peach Pruning, Jim Schupp
Finding Balance in Grape Production, Alan Lakso
Day 3
Bringing IPM Back to Peaches in the Face of BMSB, Anne Nielsen
Effective Marketing Tools
Management of BACTERIAL DISEASES ON Stone Fruit, Kari Peter
National Core Manual – Personal Protective Equipment, Kerry Richards
Observations in the Field of Bacterial Spot on Stone Fruit, Mark Shannon
Rise in Secondary Pests in Peaches, Dean Polk
What the Industry Learned from the Recent Listeria Recalls and Outbreaks, Steve Knabel
The 2014 Fire blight epidemic: Mayhem, Mystery, myths, and management, Kari Peter
Best Management Practices to Minimize Bitter Pit in Honeycrisp, Tara Baugher
Honeycrisp Multiple Harvest Calculator
Honeycrisp Stem Clipping Calculator
Performance of New Fire Blight Resistant Pears, Bill Shane
Sprayer Calibration, Gary Mount
Sprayer Calibrations, Chris Baugher
Determining Harvest Maturity of Asian Pears, Win Cowgill
Early Results of an Asian Pear Cultivar Trial, Rob Crassweller
Sprayer 101, Kerry Richards