State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania

2018 Proposals

Dear Research Committee Members,

Below you will find a list of proposals in  submitted for consideration for 2018.  Simply click on the title to view a PDF of the selected proposal. A first round ballot can be found here:

FIRST BALLOT 2018- Committee Members

Please vote for proposals that you would like to grant an oral presentation and a place on the final ballot.  Return the ballots via fax, e-mail or snail mail by Friday, January 26, 2017.

Attn: Patti Keller

Secretary, Research Committee, 26 Nursery Rd., P.O. Box 108, Aspers, PA  17304

Fax:  717-677-4124

In order to be included in the final round of balloting, proposals must receive votes from at least 50% of the voting committee members.  The Committee Chairman reserves the right to reverse a negative decision of the Committee on the first round of balloting.
Our next Research Committee meeting will be held during the Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention at Hershey and is scheduled for Wednesday, January 31, 2018 in the Cocoa Suite 2 at 7:30 AM.  A Breakfast Buffet will be available beginning at 7:00 in the hallway as you arrive.  Help yourself to the buffet and join us for breakfast in the Cocoa Suite 2.
Please keep all of the proposals to reference during the Proposal Review Meeting on Friday, February 16, 2017 – Time to be announced. The Proposal Review Meeting will be held at the Fruit Research and Extension Center. If you have any questions, please call.

2018 Research Grant Proposals

1 – G.Krawczyk – Utilization of insecticide treated nets as an alternative method to monitor and manage BMSB
2 – H. Peterson/G. Krawczyk – Utilizing the Samurai Wasp as a potential control tool against BMSB
3 – J.R Schupp – Strategic management of Golden Delicious and Gala apple crop load
4 – J.R Schupp – Development of a high density, highly mechanized, pedestrian peach system
5 -K. Peter – Investigating the role of viruses in rapid apple decline
6 -K. Peter – Continuing the quest for fire blight management alternatives: Optimizing native bacterial antagonists and plant immune stimulation
7 – K. Peter – Assessment of resistance to pre- and postharvest site-specific fungicides in populations of Colletortrichum fioriniae (Bitter rot fungus) in Pennsylvania orchards
8 -R. Crassweller – Apple rootstock and cultivar evaluations 2018
9 – R.Crassweller – Third generation apple systems trials 2018
10 -R.Crassweller – Effects of maintenance of training systems to a hedgerow 2018
11 -R. Crassweller/ J. Sommer – Buy-and-fly orchard management using unmanned aircraft (UA) 2018
12 -K. Hockett – Understanding why biocontrol fails to protect against fire blight in the Eastern US
13 -L. He – A sensor-based irrigation test system for apple orchards
14 -D. Choi – Evaluation of effective canopy depths of apple trees for optimal machine sensing performance
15 -J. Timer – Feasibility, cost effectiveness, and showcasing of haskap (Honeyberry), Lonicer caerulea and hardy kiwi (Actinidia arguta) production in Pennsylvania
16 – N. Shariat – Development of phage therapy to mitigate fire blight – Year 3
17 – H. Medeiros – Bloom intensity estimation using your smartphone: Machine learning algorithms for species- independent visual recognition of flowers
18 – W. Jurick – Evaluation the efficacy of a new postharvest fungicide and developing tools to monitor fungicide resistance in blue mold populations
19 -C.S. Walsh – Monitoring and utilizing fruit maturity to improve harvest and storage disorders of Honeycrisp