State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania


What is SHAP?

The State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania is comprised of growers and others affiliated with the fruit industry from Pennsylvania and other states. The organization is structured with an Executive Secretary as the Chief Administrative Officer and an elected Board of Directors representing the major fruit producing areas of Pennsylvania. The following committees carry out the work of the organization:

  • Board of Directors
  • Convention Committee
  • Endowment Fund Committee
  • Extension Advisory Committee
  • Farm Show Food Court Committee
  • Farm Show Fruit Exhibit Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • PA Horticultural Trade Alliance
  • Research Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Special Award Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Young Grower Committee

Mission Statement:

The mission of the State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania is to preserve and enhance the viability of the commercial fruit industry through educational outreach, research support, promotion, and pro-active involvement with legislative affairs.

How can I contact a trustee or Board Member?

Call the SHAP office at (717) 677-4184 for a list of Trustees or Board Members.

Tell me about the SHAP Endowment Fund.

The State Horticultureal Association of Pennsylvania (SHAP) established the Enddowment Fund in 1985. The purpose of the Endowmnent Fund is to support science and education in horticulture. Nine association members are appointed to serve as trustees by the SHAP Executive Board. The Endowment Committee manages the SHAP Endowment Fund under guidelines stated in the Trust fund document.

The Endowment Committee solicits contributions, manges investments to the SHAP Endowment Fund, and releases such sums as deemed necessary to fund the educational and research projects authorized by the SHAP Executive Board.

The Endowment Fund promotes excellence in public and private horticultural research, education, and extension by supporting:

  • Horticultural research, with an emphasis on long term projects at Penn State University, Penn State Cooperative Extensions, and the Penn State Fruit Reseach and Extension Center in Biglerville, PA. Research should have primary significance for the Pennsylvania fruit industry.
  • Horticultural extension programs to strengthen and/or expand educational assistance to the Pennsylvania fruit industry.
  • Horticultural educational programs at Penn State University and by the association to further disseminate scientific information and techniques to horticultural students and the general public.
  • Public informational materials and programs to further educate SHAP members and the public at large.

Interest income from the fund provides the money to support the research projects. The principal amount is allowed to grow through donations to provide a secure base to generate income.

Contributions to the Endowment Fund offer you an excellent opportunity to help improve the profitablility of the fruit industry and its competitive position. Industry financial giving is essential. It not only demonstrates that we deem horticultural research and education as crucial, but also allows us to support projects and goals of our choice. The association encourages contributions to the Endowment Fund from members, friends, and organizations interested in promoting the fruit industry in Pennsylvania.

How can I support SHAP?

Cash is the most popular way to make a charitable gift. A check given to a non-profit organization for $2,000 before December 31st may save you as much as several hundred dollars at tax time.

Gifts of appreciated securities can be one of the most advantageous ways of giving. If you make a gift of securities you have owned more than six months, you may be able to deduct the full market value of the securities as a charitable contribution while bypassing all capital gains taxes.

A gift of real estate can also be quite advantageous. You may be able to deduct the fair market value of property owned more than six months as a charitable contribution without paying capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Life insurance is a unique way to contribute. If the policy is paid in full, a charitable contribution is generally the replacement cost of the policy, or the cost basis, whichever is less. A policy that is paid in full may also be given, and a charitable contribution may be allowed for approximately the cash surrender value of the cost basis, if less. Ongoing premiums may also be deductible.

Tangible personal property that is related to our exept function may also be deductible at a the fair market value of the property without capital gains tax payments on the appreciation, provided the property has been owned more than six months.

SHAP is most grateful for every gift, large or small. All donors are recognized in the association’s annual report, and each donation is personally acknowledged.

Several levels of contributions have been established to extend special recognition to those who make a donation to the SHAP Endowment Fund:

$1 – 249 – Bronze

$250 – 499 – Silver

$500 – 999 – Gold

$1,000 – 4,999 – Platinum

$5,000 or more – Executive

Is my gift to SHAP tax deductible?

Regardless of your gift’s designation, it may reduce your federal income, estate and gift taxes. Deductions from your federal income tax markedly reduce the cost of your gift. Because everyone’s tax situation is different, however, you will want to consult with a qualified tax advisor before making your gift in order to discuss the options available and the benefits of each to you.

The SHAP Endowment Fund is classified as a nonprofit, tax-exempt, educational organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, being organized and operated for educational purposes.

What are some special ways to give?

It may be helpful to discuss various options with a Trustee or Board member in addition to a tax consultant. Some of the options are:

  • Year End Gifts

The best way to give a charitable gift is through careful planning. The gift you give before December 31st may qualify for important benefits during this taxable year.

  • Estate Planning/A Gift of Bequest

Bequests from an estate or trust can include gifts, unencumbered property, or income. You may leave a gift of bequest in your will for the benefit of the SHAP Endowment Fund. The simplest method is a provision in a will making an outright bequest of money or property to the SHAP Endowment Fund.For example:”I give, devise and bequeath to the SHAP Endowment Fund the sum of $_________” (or otherwise describe the gift if it consists of real estate, securities, or personal property).

  • Memorial Gifts

The SHAP Endowment Fund accepts one-time or annual giving programs to commemorate an individual.

  • Corporate Gifts

SHAP urges corporations and organizations, particularly those engaged in activities related to the fruit industry, to contribute to the SHAP Endowment Fund.