State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania

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163rd Annual Meeting of the
State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania
at the Mid Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention
Hershey Lodge and Convention Center
Hershey, PA February 1-3, 2022


REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR EACH PERSON, including spouses. Registration fees allow one to attend both fruit and vegetable sessions as well as enter the exhibit area. No refunds of pre-registration fees will be made unless canceled by January 21st in writing, by phone (717-677-4184) or by email ( Please indicate who will be attending below.

Member Registration QTY  
  Advanced Registration @ $75
  Additional Family Members or Employees @ $60
  Walk-In Registration at Hershey @ $90

Non-Member Registration
  One Day @ $125
  Three Day @ $165
  Additional Exhibitor Registration @ $90

Workshops/Bus Tour - January 31, 2022 - Pre-Registration Is Required For These Events:
  Basic Floriculture Greenhouse (includes lunch) @ $65
  Hemp Production (includes lunch) @ $50
  The Practical Side of Farm, Business and Estate Transition (includes lunch) @ $50
  FSMA Grower Training Workshop (includes lunch) @ $35
  Pesticide Applicators License Training (includes lunch) @ $65
  YGA — Conducting and Analyzing On-Farm Research (2-5pm) @ $20
  Farm Market Bus Tour (includes lunch) @ $70

Attendee Badge Names
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  Tuesday, February 1, 2022 - Nigerian Room @ $35

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PLEASE NOTE: By attending the Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention, including the bus tour and workshops, you voluntarily assume ALL risks related to the exposure of COVID-19.