State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania

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Please consider a contribution to support research and extension efforts to control invasive pests, improve disease resistance management, and increase fruit quality and labor efficiency!

What is the Value of Controlling a New Invasive Pest?
Regular Crops of High Quality Fruit?
Improved Disease Resistance Management?
Labor Efficient Technologies?

These are questions that we need to consider as we prepare to shape our industry for the next generation!

The SHAP Board of Directors approved a resolution to increase university research and extension support by $100,000 over three years. We are encouraged by a fresh market industry commitment to double their contribution from $.01 to $.02/packed box but this will not be adequate to attain our goal. Additional sources will be necessary, and if you do not already provide voluntary support, we encourage you to consider making a pledge. Special thanks to all who have responded so far to this campaign! We welcome any suggestions you may have for projects—please contact any member of the SHAP research or extension committee.

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